稢ͧ Google article

ҹҹ Google map Դԡ Street view ѺἹ ѧҡԴѺԡ 4-5

ѧͧ蹡ͧٹФѺ 价 google map Ͷ ʶҹá㹡ا෾ ǫŧ繪Ͷ ͧ icon ٻǤŧҧἹ лҡҾẺ 360 ͧ㹺dz icon ҧ ͹ҧ˹觵ҧ溹ٻҾǧբǢԡ ͹Թ躹鹹

ٻǹ˭١ͻ»շǪǧ͹ѹ¹ ѹҤ 觢й Ѻͧ Google Street view ੾ࢵا෾л, §

ͧ蹴ǡҷ觹ФѺ ͧ, , СѾҡ㹡÷ਡ  鹵͹ٻ ҧ google  Street view car ҧ google ͡Ẻͧ street view car աͧѹ֡Ҿͧѵѵ躹ѧ Ź 15 ͶҾẺ 360 ͧ¨зӧҹѺ GPS к㹵ö Ҿѹ֡Ҩж١˹Ҥл·¹öѵѵ ǺҾ§ǡйӫͿҵ͡ѹҾ 360 ͧҾ 360 ͧШشͧѹ͹Թ躹

Google ਡͧ˭ԡ㹻 2007 ͹Т¾鹷价š 㹺ҧ鹷͹حҵö¹ѡҹԴͧҹѧ ʶҹҧ觷ѡҹ 㹾ԾԸѳ  ͧԴ͹᷹ ҧ鹷С snowmobile ԴͧҾ

繡Ժⵢͧ Google ǡҷ觹ФѺ Larry Page Sergrey Brin 礧֧֡ Google С繺ѷѡ˭袹Ҵ ֡͹Ժһա͹ google 觶͡Դ ҡ search engine ͧѡ֡ 2 ⵢ search engine ѹѺ˹ աҡҡâɳ Ѳਡҧҧͧ ਤҧ Google Earth ѧҺҹͧҡҾ´, Google Mars/Google Moon google ѲѺͧùҫ ֧þѲҺԡÿյҧ溹˹Ǻ gmail, google docs, calendar, translator, image search  ͡ҡѧਡѧաਡ

֧Ѩغѹ  Google Ϳȷš ͺ 70 ѡҹš蹤 㹻 2012 ѺèѴѹѺҡԵ Fortune ѺѺ˹ʵͧ Top 100 ѷҷӧҹش㹻 2012 Google ¤ͧ˹觹ͧ㹻 2007 2008

㹡ʴҰҤ˹觷Էᵹ ֡Ңͧѷ Google, David Drummond, ٴ֧Ѩѡ Google ʺҧءѹ

Drummond ջѨѡ 4 Ѩ

1. ෤ ͡˹仨ҡԸդӹdzẺѴӴѺӤѭͧྨ Google 繺ѷҧкµͧ «ǹСͺҧҡԵµçҧкͧͧҹ仵ѵػʧͧͧ Ѩغѹ Google кẺШ (Distributed Computer System) ˭شš

2. ѵٻẺôԹáԨ ٻẺɳẺҶ֧µç Google §ҧкԹѵѵԷջԷҾ ѧҧʺóѺ ¢ͧ Google ɳҷҡդǢͧ繻ª ѡɳǡѺšä

3. ù ҹԨª˹ Google ù褹ѡҡشѹѺ˹觢ͧš ѹԧ Google ֧Ѻ繤ӡѧ· йѺ繤ҷҧ˹觢ͧѷеͧѡҤ稹

4. 鹷ʺóͧ õѴԹǡѺԵѳ Google ж١Ѻ͹¡÷Դª٧شѹѺá, ѺѹѺͧ ѡҹͧ Google 觼ʺó㹡ҹҡ Ѻҡ鹵ͧ


͹ Ѩҹ繻ѨӤѭ㹡üѡѹ Google 繺ѷѡ˭ͧšҹ 觷 Google ҡ¤ ͧâͧ١ 㹡õͺʹͧ١ 件֧ ҧѵԴ Demand

ѹԧ Google ͧ ਡਡ  Google Video, Google Wave, Google Buzz ਡҹѺҷ ҧ§͡Ѻ㹡þѲ ҧá Google ѧѲਡ͡

÷úԴӹҭ оѲҢ繷ѡ੾е þѲਡ蹡ѹ ç÷ǡ٭ ǹ˹觷繻ʺó, Google ¹ кǹþѲçʺҡ

йҨ繻ѨӤѭش Google ѡҤ˹ շշҨդ觷ͿѴ§ҷҺ



. Ԫҵ ҹѷ

. ͹ ൹ʵ

վ͹൹ շ 7 Ѻ 73-74/ ¹-Ҥ 2555







ªͧþѺ ѴѺ
鹵͹âѴǧҹᵹ Finishing stainless steel
ºº Punching ᵹ ѺԸա 㹡û
ѭҷҨԴ㹡þѺ ѴѺ
ªС÷ӧҹ ֧ͨӡѴͧҹդѷ
úاѡͧѴ ҹѴդسҾ
觺ҹ ѹ ¡ԧᵹ
ҹѴѺ硷դسҾ ѡɳҧ
ͧѴ Ѻҹصˡ
õѴᵹ蹴ͧѡ VS çҹ
Ըաôѡᵹ (Թ)
÷дսչѹ ᵡҧѹҧ
ҹᵹ觷 Ѻõ觺ҹҤ
͡Ẻѡҧ ҹҴⴴ
ᵡҧҧ ൹ ൹
ҹᵹ觷 ᵹ
ͧѡí蹷ҵðҹ٧ 觼ŵͤسҾͧҹѴѺ Ѵᵹҧ
ͧᵹ ͧ BLISS metal
͹ӻѡТҴ˭ ͧúҧ
ҹᵹʡѺҹ Interior Design
ҹ Ѵ Ѻ ǹ úǧ÷ P&S Stainless
Ѩ·ռšѺҤҢͧҹٻ ҤҢͧз֧ҧѹ
Give and Take

Big Data Analytics
Win Win
Internet of Things (IoT)
⿡ʡ article
ö¹ҡѷ IT
Coworking Space
к IT ͧ
ૡҹԡ Ϳ࿤
Sheet Metal Exhibitions
Frank Gehry Ѻҹʶһѵ¡൹
Ѳҡâͧ Metal 3D printer
Folding Machine article
˵ؼŢͧ͡ article
EoS Ѻ Tesla
Human Error
Cross Industry Learning
YAG Laser
3D Printer article
ͧѴѧ article
൹Դª٧ش article
ɰԨ 2556 article
ûżẺ article
Tablet Ѻҹͧ article

Ѻʹ article
¹ԴҴ article
ͧѺ article
2012: 100 ൹ article
¢ͧ/ͧ article
Income gap, Moral gap article
127 hours article
GDP Ѻ GNH article
Դա͹ӡõҴ article
300 ҷ ? article
èѴ§鹧ҹ㹡õѴ article
ͧѴҧ? article
ͧҴ " ҡ" ѹ蹴Թ article
͢ẺҴ֡Ԩ article
ѹŧҡȡҮ article
š¡ ᵡҧ? article

Size NB ͧ൹


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